they wont be that pumped when bambi’s mom dies

They’ve seen it before tho

“I don’t remember any explosions in Bambi!”

they are just so pumped for this movie they are seeing it multiple times

they probably find it inspiring. They can totally relate to bambi

You know, at one point I DID write up this whole ramble about the themes of gargoyles and bambi with humanity perpetuating violence and parental/familial abandonment and why this scene, while funny at first glance, is actually pretty heartbreaking for a lot of reasons.

They really CAN relate to Bambi.

I mean can you imagine them seeing this for the first time? And NOT knowing Bambi’s mom is going to die? And then she does? At the hands of a human, to whom she’d done nothing? (In Broadway’s case, from a human’s GUN) It would be awfully, painfully familiar.

I’ll just be over here crying.


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