Gave in and bought the Krondor pack from Good Old Games… entirely for the free-included Betrayal in Antara. ❤ Seriously, I’ve played BaK, and it’s a classic, but Antara has my heart and is probably the only one I’ll replay. I do not care about the main attraction here. The ‘bonus content’ is all I want, ahaha! (Seriously, Antara is, I think, my favorite RPG ever. It’s old, and never got the love Krondor did, but it’s honestly shaped my life.) All the pretty preview images there are Antara.

Here’s hoping it works. I checked the GOG forums and there are still some known bugs, but hopefully I’ll be actually able to finish the game. I’ll report what I find. In any case, if anyone felt like playing BiA, you get 2 games for $6 from GOG, and it would literally make my life if somebody played this wonderful old game and geeked out about it with me.

But regardless, this gorgeous wallpaper is my desktop BG now, and I find it incredibly comforting and happy-making. ❤ (And I hope I don’t get in trouble for sharing it. It comes free, so…?)


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