After counting up all the ‘votes’ for each variation of my nonbinary flag (to be separate from the genderqueer flag), it seem this is the most loved! Yay!

Once again, here is the key for the colors:

Yellow is representative of being outside the binary, as it is a color often used to distinguish something as its own.

White is the photological presence of all color/light. This is to represent people who are many or all genders.

Purple represents the fluidity and multiplicity of many gender experiences, the uniqueness and flexibility of nonbinary people, as well as representing those whose gender experiences include being of or between female and male.

Black is the photological absence of color/light. This is to represent agender or genderlessness.

After all the discussion I’ve had with others on the best colors, arrangements, and descriptions possible, this is the final product. Hope you all like!

…I like it. :3 


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