Say hello to Lisette and Wren, two more Chameleon Moon bbys. ❤ 

  • She/hers pronouns for Lisette, They/Theirs for Wren. (‘Xe’ might be closer,  but I decided not to push it with irregular pronouns in my first book, lol.) 
  • Wren has albinism, and is non-verbal. Lisette is quite verbal, and likes bows.  
  • They are always seen together and have pretty much zero concept of personal space with each other. 
  • They are both asexual. (Please don’t ship them sexually with each other or anyone else. ❤ Thank u. They are also both under 18 so there’s also that.) 
  • They both know much more than they’re letting on.
  • Much else about them would be spoilery. Including their powers.
  • I originally wanted them doing the Dragonball fusion dance, but then they wanted to be doing Single Ladies in leg warmers instead. Wren’s hair wanted to grow a couple feet too. Their superpower is not growing hair. Though that would be kind of a fun one.
  • … I like Wren’s face much better in this sketch. Ugh, inking.

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