Sooo, art request for #glitterandandalitespit where I totally just forced the suggestion.
I thought I’d kick this shit up a notch since I only draw andalites now, I purposefully picked a hard pose and HOW DID THIS HAPPEN I DO NOT DRAW THIS WELL WTF.

The cutest gay andalite couple eveer.

Look I just think hooved critters on their backs are the cutest and then I was like obviously a way to show a couple in love is helping with chores around the house and then my activist senses kicked in ‘cause it looked like he was graffiting, so there you have it. Mertil graffiting against ableism which andalites are the worst about. The worst.

But he was brought up as polite young man so he’s only cleaning away the dust to make the image.

And he’s doing it in his own house ‘cause he doesn’t want to be a bother to anyone.

Gafiniln is helping him reach the hard places, Mertil won’t let him do it himself because HE IS HANDI CAPABLE BACK OFF.


Fanart of my Animorphs forever and always OTP, dust-drawing against ableism. That’s. Just. That’s just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, okay. 

I love them so much.


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