“Don’t buy into the lies, babies. Believe in me.” Evelyn smiled as the stark spotlight dimmed to cast a cozy, homey atmosphere over the club. There was glitter in her hair and on her cheeks, and the lighting effects switched to something like a disco ball, casting a million soft points of starlight around the room. “And believe in yourselves. That’s how we’re gonna get out of this alive. Now, no more sad faces! Tell me how you feel tonight!” 

– Chameleon Moon

  • Evelyn Calliope, pop-punk singer and performance artist at the Emerald Bar in Parole. Community activist. Unofficial superhero. 
  • Female pronouns. 
  • Platform and philosophy is hope, inclusion, and optimism in the face of literal, ever-present death. Can sing, dance and fight in six-inch stilettos.
  • Steadfastly loyal to friends and family, who often overlap. 
  • Power is voice-based – her sonic screams can knock down grown men, and freaking buildings when paired with a megaphone. (She can also do mild therapeutic trances with her songs, making people pay attention to her, relaxing them, stuff like that – though she never uses this in her shows. She considers it cheating.)
  • Polyamorous and proud.
  • Uses hair to express herself.

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