this fucking ga,me

Oh my gosh, the guy choices. I’ve only played with lady Black Magic so far (i chose Beyonce) but the guy choices holy shit. 

…next playthrough I’m gonna make dude Black Magic look like Freddie Mercury.

I hate Black Magic with a burning passion but Heroes Rising by Choice Of Games is an awesome game where you can be gay or bi instead of just straight, which is a constant in all of their games.

Heroes Rising and its sequel The Hero Project both have a genderqueer character (called a Zehir in the game) called the Monk and The Hero Project lets your character be non-binary or trans*, though it will then have you chose to express as male or female but it’s still a step in the right direction and I expect they’ll eventually let you choose more than two genders in later games (Though in Choice Of Dragon you can chose from a variety of genders.)

Most of their games cost $3 or less, but there are still a few free ones (Like Choice Of Dragon) that go for free, and some of the other ones you can try a demo of on their site.

I’d really recommend trying it out, especially if you like text adventure or interactive fiction. All of the games I’ve played either don’t mention race at all or let you choice to be a PoC which is sweet too.



I remember I said I’d review some of their games a few months ago and I still haven’t but if you have any questions feel free to ask me, as I’ve played several of their games and would be willing to help you however I can.

Yes! All of this is good! 😀 


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