for those of you who DON’T know what the HECK is going on, i did a trans resource giveaway over the summer, and i’ve decided to host another one FOR THE WINTER!! i’m pretty sure this thing will become a twice-a-year event because i fricken LOVE doing giveaways and helping out my fellow transgender/non-cis-identifying folks!

SO!! what does this mean? i’m going to donate 100 of my own dollars (100$, one hundred dollars, stacks of ones or maybe a small pile of tens or a scattering of twenties or just one giant bill) to ONE lucky winner to go towards ANY RESOURCE they might need while being a transgender individual. this could include going towards binders, packers, bra inserts, clothes, hormones, visas, surgeries, name changes, court stuff, travel expenses, you name it, i’ll pay for it (kind of)!!!!! money can be tight and hard to come by (don’t i know it), but i want to do my part in helping the community at LEAST a little bit


here are some important things:

  • you HAVE to be trans identified or non-cis identified to enter. you cannot be cisgender and win this giveaway. this can be transman, transwoman, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, genderfuck, as long as you’re not cis, you’re welcome to enter!!
  • but, if you are cisgender, you can totally signal boost!!! just write “signal boost” or some variation of the sort in the tags/comments of the post so i know that you are not entering!
  • you must be able to give me your address so i can send you money (it will be in US currency and i cannot do any exchanges, that is something you may have to do yourself) but i will send money internationally!
  • no giveaway blogs please, unless you are signal boosting

rules/how to enter:

  • one reblog, one like per blog (mandatory to enter)!
  • extra entries (but not mandatory): if you follow my tumblr, instagram, or youtube channels, you get one extra entry each! that means you can have 6 chances of entering and winning
  • that’s it!!!!

you will win:

  • 100$ USD and probably a really shittily handwritten note/drawing or something

credit for image goes to this lovely person right here!!! please direct any questions to my ask box.

happy reblogging friends!!!

Genderqueer/nonbinary, but not entering. I’m in a safe, secure place, and others definitely need this more. However, signal boost to the max! 😀 


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