omfg i forgot abuot this thing i made as a prize after The Silver Rose original character tournament omf omg omg

im cry




I CANT TELL YOU HOW MANY FUCKING GOOD MEMORIES I HAVE OF THIS, it was an original character tournament on deviantart BY GRACE called The Silver Rose, and I won with Kismet, my reluctant-psychic dancer who crossdressed with a CLEARLY FAKE MUSTACHE and became fabulous lesbian royalty with Zandria the adorbs princess and they were hilarious and sweet and ridiculous together and aaaaaAAAHH MY HEART <333 (and also there is Wilh who was runner-up and his player did some of the best comics I’ve ever seen, I still can’t believe I won okay <3)

i still have a playlist on my iPod for the fanmix i made as part of my final entry okay. THE LOVE IS THAT STRONG.


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