Allow me to explain a small theory I have about Treasure Planet and Titan AE. If you look closely at the main characters and the setting, you will note several similarities. 

First, we have Jim Hawkins, a young boy who lives alone with his mother after his father walks out on them. He finds a treasure map and goes on a whirlwind adventure through space in order to find his treasure. On this trip he exhibits natural-space-piloting skills, great problem solving and technical skills (hotwiring a 60+ year old spaceship and piloting it to safety, for instance), and is an all-around brilliant kid. 
In Titan AE we have Cale Tucker, a late-teen who also exhibits many of the same skills; he is a natural space pilot, shows great technical knowledge of machinery and computers, and is incredibly smart and cunning. 
Also they have very similar haircuts. 

So if we think of Titan AE as a sequel to Treasure Planet, here is the missing middle story: 
The boy we left at the end of Treasure Planet is headed off to the Space Academy for his natural piloting skills, while in school he begins slacking off (as he did at home) and causing a ruckus on campus. He is eventually kicked out of the Academy for behavioral issues and is forced to find work, lest he return home and his mother learns of his failure in school. He begins working on an asteroid salvaging ships until one day, Captain Korso comes to find him. He explains that he worked with the boy’s father on what he calls the “Titan Project” and that he needs the boy’s help to find the device. This leads into the events of Titan AE
SO go watch Treasure Planet then watch Titan AE (while skipping the first 10 minutes or so that shows the destruction of earth) and you’ll get this wonderful little duo of films. 

That’s a cool theory!

I have my own – basically, Sarah Hawkins is Cale’s missing mother, and Korso is Jim’s estranged father, making Jim and Cale half-brothers.

I might have written a crossover fic about it.

might have.


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