this is my friend. she could really use your help. 
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seeing my friend in this state does not feel real. i never thought something like this would happen to someone i know, let alone to my closest friend. looking at this picture is really painful for me, but her and her family’s wellbeing may depend on the kindness of friends and possibly strangers like you, so getting her story out there is really crucial. even if you don’t have money to give, if you you wouldn’t mind sharing this, maybe one of your followers will donate. that could really add up! i’ve seen other success stories on tumblr. please, please help me make my friend a success story. this is so real to me.

my friend, jenevieve kim, was hit by a car while biking home on georgia tech campus. the police report states that the accident was in a 25 mph zone and witnesses claimed she flew thirty feet from the car, yet the driver refuses to take responsibility (says it’s “her fault”) and is paying nothing. she can’t weigh in on this, of course, because she remembers nothing of the accident, which is understandable considering she has a cracked skull, internal head bleeding, a broken leg, ribs, and a cracked hip among other expensive injuries. the cost for keeping her alive is estimated to be over $15,000

i’m so grateful she’s survived, but she’s still in pretty awful shape. plus, she doesn’t have insurance. and her family is struggling as it is and won’t be able to help her. (she was previously helping them financially. btw, she’s 20.) jen is the hardest worker i know, a selfless friend, and was previously paying her own way through college. she was forced to quit her music business internship (her dream job) next semester because of this and won’t be able to attend school at all for a long time. 

my friend is on her own with all of this. but i decided it doesn’t have to be that way. life itself isn’t fair by any means (see above. did i mention this happened the week after her birthday? like holy shit), but regardless there are still good people in this world. as a community, we can do everything we can to even the score. please help me take this off my friend’s plate so she can heal. 

if you could consider sharing this with your followers or friends, jen’s loved ones and supporters will be forever grateful. every person who shares this will be personally thanked. i don’t care if this reaches a thousand notes (which i doubt), every kind stranger who supports my friend in any way deserves a personal thank you. 

also, every single person who donates will receive a handmade gift. i don’t care if you’re all the way in korea. you will receive a handmade token of appreciation. there’s been 99 donators thus far; i (and a few of our friends) already started making a few things. they’ll be really cool, promise!

if you have any fundraising suggestions, words of encouragement, or would like to help in any way please feel free to contact me. thank you sincerely for taking the time to read jen’s story, and thank you to my followers, who will no doubt hear about this story for quite some time, for being so patient. i realize i was almost exclusively a k/j-horror blog previously, which makes this a bit more surreal for me.
thanks! please signal boost!


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