Oh please, please, please let there be a canonically queer character in this game. Fire Emblem has flirted with it before.

Lady Avatar can’t marry her (BOOO) but Tharja is literally the closest anything comes. Fuck.

Of course, then there’s Fredrick and Chrom and the poster incident. (Chrom and Dude Avatar’s supports are way more close and moving than female anyway, which seem to be ALL sexual tension and no real substance.)

And Brady and Owain. And Inigo. Brady-Owain-Inigo, pretty much. Oh, and Gerome. And Laurent. And Severa being WOAAH ❤ at Kjelle’s abs. And the TRUTH SERUM that said she canonically had a crush on her. And ALL of Maribelle and Lissa’s interactions.

OH and Virion and Libra, which is like, the definition of “IF IT’S YOU, IT’S OKAY <3” (Yeah wow I ship them wow wow yes good)

And the entirety of the Hubba Tester.



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